This morning, a walk up Mount Wanda

This morning, a walk up Mount Wanda,

Summer brown – early this year. 

Up the long path to the top –

A windmill, high and lonely,

Turns and listens

As the earth crunches beneath our feet,

As we circle, again and again,

The azure sky draped overhead.

Here, tired from the climb – our lives have led  to this! –

We stop – and breathe.

Mary Elyn Bahlert, June 6, 2021


Jesus, Holy Week

I've held tightly to this stone, this hot anger.
My heart hurts, my heart hurts.
I've been walking my life alone,
I see your grieving eyes, your tears
as you linger with me, from that cross.
Your gaze follows me, sorrow,
you watch me forget - my sin, my Self-forgetting.
I kneel - a return!
Allow your Light to spark my heart,
my Self-forgetting,
my Spirit - grateful.

Mary Elyn Bahlert, 3/21/2021  


St. Mary’s Cemetery, Oakland, CA, 3/2021, Mary Elyn Bahlert, photographer