About Mary Elyn


Mary Elyn Bahlert, Spiritual Teacher

Mary Elyn’s deep and powerful spiritual path began as a Walk with Jesus, over 40 years ago.  “My journey with Jesus has been long and deep, and I have taken a drink from many waters in the course of my journey.  I am an interfaith spiritual teacher… ”

Let me help you find your spiritual center, and let me coach you to live from that center! I am a spiritual coach for life – your personal, spiritual, and work life. I can work with you one to one, or I can work with a group. Together we will achieve powerful, empowering results in your life, relationships, work, and choices. Call me: 510-332-0302.

Contact Mary Elyn at:  510-332-0302; Mary Elyn sees clients in person in Oakland, CA, and via Skype.  You may also email Mary Elyn at:  coachspiritual@sbcglobal.net

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