Little blue gym shorts

I expect I could find those little blue gym shorts on an Amazon search, if I wanted a set! Those little blue gym shorts marked my passage into Junior High and High School. And they were a sign of that time in history – my personal history and in the history of schools.

I wasn’t good at gym, but I don’t remember having a sense of dread about gym, either. That’s good. I was shy and had a few good friends – which holds true in my life even now.

I loved the classes, I loved learning, and that is an attribute I carry with me today. My mother loved to say: “you learn something new every day -” a bit of wisdom she held on to tightly. Although uneducated, her people were inquisitive, and learning satisfied that quality, it seems.

But I’ve lost my train of thought: little blue gym shorts. Shy, I hated having to change clothes in the locker room, but here I am, remembering – so I survived the trials a public education granted me. Now, when I read about the learning curve of an Olympic contender, particularly a woman, I notice how her life was shaped by being an athlete even from childhood. I am not an athlete. I was not an athlete.

But what did the athletic girls do in the years when I was in school, graduating from high school in 1967? Women in sports had to pass through a lot of hurtles, including academics. I was good at the academics, in fact, academics came easy to me. So the hour of gym class every few days was a blip on my screen of uncomfortable times. I did it. I made it through.

I’ve checked Amazon – no luck on the blue gym suits. Now, it seems as if girls get suited up in leotards. But I can find a set of “little blue gym shorts” on a google search. Vintage! The gym sets are vintage! And, I expect, so am I.

1930s-40s bloomer gymsuit, blue cotton sanforized 1940s gym suit romper playsuit, medium large size

5 thoughts on “Little blue gym shorts”

  1. Ha, we wore the same ones in San Francisco – how I hated having to put those on. So much so that I took gymnastics and dance in my senior year (wasn’t allowed to before that) just because they wore leotards and tights. Now it makes me happy that we have those little blue shorts in common.

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  2. We called them bloomers. And once my gym class had to parade out onto 69th Street in them during a fire drill. Ugh!

    The land shall not be sold in perpetuity, for the land is mine; with me you are but aliens and tenants.” Leviticus 25:23

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  3. I hated P-E. I hated our little peach colored gym suit which I never washed. Wish we had other choices for PE like belly dancing or any other type of dance. Or even yoga. Then I would have loved it

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  4. Wow, that looks exactly like my gym suit I had in high school. I hated that suit and I hated gym class. Was never athletic. I am better in other areas, and enjoy those. Like you Mary Elyn, I got through gym class, but never enjoyed it.

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