Wisdom from a Wise Elder

“Opening Your Heart, Intimacy with the Divine,”
an online retreat with Imam Jamal Rahman, “Brother”

Silence is the language of God. Everything else is a poor translation. Be silent so that the Lord who gave you language may speak. – Rumi

Practices for Self Compassion

*Build your schedule around silence.

*Give yourself a “sacred name.” For example, “I am Mary Elyn, the Beloved.” Call yourself by that name to yourself.

*When you’re angry at yourself, be angry at that smaller self, not Who You Are.

*Practice “sacred holding:” embrace your sorrows with gentleness.

*Tell your heart, “I love You.”

*”Would you have the courage to kiss the dragon within you?” – Carl Jung

*Accept your feelings: “Where in my body do I feel this?” Ask the feeling/sensation: “Do you have a message for me?” Ask: “How may I love you?”

*Be aware of when you are living in the past or the future: “Beloved, you are worrying about the future. Go ahead, worry for ten minutes.” “Beloved, spend five minutes in the past.” Give yourself permission.

*”I am my smaller self. But I am also my Larger Self.”

*Switch on the Self-Witnessing at the end of the day. Ask: When was I my small self? Ask: When was I living from my Divine Self?

*”Keep your tongue forever filled with the name of God.” In other words, say your name for God, again and again, and again, as a mantra, in every moment.

*Do good deeds according to your capacity.

*Build a community of Love/Trust/Truth – a Circle of Love.

Mary Elyn Bahlert, Jerusalem, 2007

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