My beatitudes

Jesus tells me:
When you are poor in spirit – depressed, anxious, alone – you are with me, in God.
When you are grieving for all those you have lost, you are comforted by God.
When you are humble, when you have nothing more to give, when you are empty, you are in God, you are filled with God.
When you want to be relieved of pain, when you want all to be free from suffering, your prayer is heard. You are in God.
When your heart is pure, free of all malice, you will see God.
When you want peace for all, when you long to make peace, you are God’s own.

When you are persecuted, held in contempt because of your trust in God, then, then you are in God.
When you are suffering because you have been shut out from love, from community, when you have become one with the least in the world: Rejoice! Be glad! For you have received all that you need.

In all things, be grateful to God. For you are in God.

Mary Elyn Bahlert, 10/2019