Me and the Cat


When the sun sets – red – in the trees,
I lie in the new grass.
The cat comes, too.

Together, we sink into earth,
sniff the soft, green, blanket that holds us,
breathe in harmony.

We purr.


2 thoughts on “Me and the Cat”

  1. I have almost always had cats. Each one is special as they have different personalities.

    At present i have a tortoise shell and she is my best buddy.


  2. I’m taking a well needed break from my stressful day at work and reading this as I do. I can feel my body relaxing as I read this. Then, just as I’m enjoying the full effect, I tense up again as I remember that my beautiful orange boy left this world a few weeks ago. Gosh how I miss him. So now I’ll read it one more time, this time as a prayer to my furry friend.

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