Sue, sister, sweet – in memory


“Sue, sister, sweet”


I remember when I first knew you were my sister –

you, sitting on the edge of the claw footed bathtub

in the crowded bathroom of an old Milwaukee flat, crying.

I sat on the toilet, listening, and I knew then:

You are my sweet, sweet sister, Sue.


I remember you at 8 months pregnant –

another baby on the way!

– we were just girls, really –

I remember your voice all night long

in the dark Carolina night,

the light from your cigarette, up and down, up and down,

the two of us, laughing, laughing.

We laughed until dawn.

During the day, you were Mom.


I remember years later, in my new life,

you bringing me a home-baked goodie

while I was still in bed – insisting that I accept this gift of love!


I remember you marching me to the classical music CD’s in the back

of Barnes and Noble – music, your other love!

You bought me Beethovan.

I listened, all spring long, to the minor notes,

mourning another Sue.

Now, these notes are for you.

I mourn for you.


I remember your coming through for me through all the years, sweet Sue.

I was always certain of your love –

across miles, across different lives, across hard years and good years.


I remember – will remember always –

you waving goodbye (I watched in my rear-view mirror),

as I drove away from you for the last time.

“I don’t know when I’ll see you again, Sue,” I said into your silence.

You knew, you knew, you knew, my sweet, sweet sister, Sue.


You knew.




A tribute to my beloved sister-in-law, Sue Lass, who passed on Friday, May 22, the day before her 72nd birthday.  I will miss her – forever.

5 thoughts on “Sue, sister, sweet – in memory”

  1. Dear Mary Elyn,

    So sorry to hear about your loss. You, in your wisdom and vulnerability, are finding the sweetness in the midst of the pain. May you continued by comforted by Presence.

    Naomi Southard

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    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment, Naomi. I hope you also read the poem, written by someone else, about God?
      I like it! I’m very happy to know that you read my blog!


  2. Mary Elyn, So thoughtful and loving. A beautiful tribute to the memory of someone who obviously was beautiful and loving as well. May you find comfort in those fond memories where they live, forever young in your heart. And be assured of a warm and happy reunion one day in the future. So sorry for your loss.

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