A little family of birds…

thOregon junco

This morning, my husband and I walked to the corner to get a cup of coffee while work continues in our house. The weather has been cold for the Bay Area, and this morning as we walked, a few drops of rain actually fell to earth. Yes! A small offering in a time of drought.

We climbed the last hill to reach our place, where we walked alongside a lovely garden – the garden of the columbarium that is a landmark in our neighborhood. As we walked, we were joined by a hopping Oregon junco, who stayed just a few feet ahead of us. Then, we saw her dart into the vines that cover the wall of the city garden.

We walked along, commenting on how she did not seem to be afraid of us. Her brashness in the face of these giants surprised us! As we continued, she left the vines and flew up into the tree. Did she have babies in those vines? Was she protecting them?

We walked back a few steps and leaned over to peer into the vines. Yes, two tiny, tiny – tiny – baby Oregon juncos were hidden there. She had revealed their home to us! We thought we might hear her squawk, surely when we leaned over. But she flitted away to find food for the little ones.

What trust!
I suppose today is like any other day. I had several important meetings on my calendar,and my time with my husband this morning was a little gift in the day. I am so grateful that he is the kind of guy who thinks to notice a little bird, the kind of guy who wants to see into the nest, and the kind of guy who, after holding his breath for a few moments, suggests we move on, so as not to alarm babies or mother.

And I am grateful, also, for that holy moment, a moment when we were invited to gaze into another world – that small and frail and vulnerable world hidden beneath the vines. I am grateful to be alive today, to have seen that small gift – tiny, breathing, shaking baby birds.

No other moment today has been as rich as that moment. Thank you, Universe! Thank you, God! Thank you, All That Is! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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